How To Use Preflats


How To: A Guide To Our Diapers

Welcome to our Highland baby cloth diapers how to guide! We are thrilled to help you navigate the world of cloth diapers with ease, whether your season pro or just starting with your cloth journey, this section is your go to resource for mastering the art of using Highland cloth diapers and achieving a great fit!


How To: Preflats

Confused about preflats? We’ve got you covered! A preflat is a fancier version of a flat diaper, cut into a shape that allows for less complicated folding and fitting on the baby. Preflats can be adjusted to move the bulk of the absorbency where baby needs it most, depending on whether you have a front wetter or middle wetter. Checkout this video to see first hand how to get a perfect, customized fit!


Step-by-step guide you can screenshot: