Warranty Information

Your brand new Highland Baby handmade item is covered by our 6 month peace of mind guarantee! This warranty does not apply to manufactured goods, or handmade items sold as seconds quality, or tester quality products. 

Upon receiving your item please inspect it for damage caused by shipping. Holes, snags, tears, missing items, wrong items, etc are all our responsibility at this point. Once you have washed your item we can no longer cover minor cosmetic defects, snags, pulls, fading, pilling, etc. 

After the initial wash, here is what we do cover: Snaps, elastics, zippers, stitching that affects the function of the diaper, and all other components that affect function.  These components are covered for 6 months after purchase. 

If you have a warranty claim, please contact help@highlandbaby.store. This warranty is a repair first, replace second warranty. Most all possible defects can be repaired, so replacing the item is rare. We pay for return shipping to us and back to you. We endeavor to complete repairs 1 week from receiving the item.

For issues not covered under warranty, cosmetic defects, or components that are past the 6 month coverage, we can still help! If it is a fixable issue, in a lot of cases we offer repair for free, customer is responsible for cost of shipping to us and back to them. Please reach out to us first to discuss the nature of the repair, we do not accept items shipped to us without consultation. 

As a premium cloth diaper brand, we hope our warranty brings peace of mind to our customers and makes your cloth diapering journey that much easier!