Unicorn Clean - Beyond Clean

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Super powerful, super concentrated detergent perfect for cloth diapers!

Available in both 4 and 16 oz sizes - only 4 oz is pictured. Many users find 1 teaspoon to be enough to effectively clean


  • UNICORN removes grease & stains better than our competitors.

  • UNICORN is efficient & effective in all water temperatures, however warm to hot water will help with deep soils and lanolin.

  • UNICORN is earth friendly & biodegradable.

  • UNICORN is not tested on animals & made in the USA.

  • UNICORN is gentle & FREE from Enzymes, dyes, phosphates, fillers, or irritants.

Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions. Test for colorfastness before washing.

Ingredients: Anionic and nonionic surfactants. The anionic surfactants (Ethoxylated Alcohols, C12-13 & C12 and Sodium Carbonate) are organic chemicals that converts electrically charged particles in solutions to remove dirt. The Nonionic is a low suds producing Amphoteric surfactant that helps with water hardness i.e. Organic chemicals that change the property of water. In addition an Aqueous Polymer Solution that helps break down soils while avoiding redisposition on fabrics and Ethanol & stabilizers for the dirt removing agent are added. Aqua and .3% essential oil. Contains NO bleach additives, phosphates, enzymes, brighteners, petroleum, stripping agents or dyes.

Made in USA.

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Unicorn Clean - Beyond Clean

Unicorn Clean - Beyond Clean

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Customer Reviews

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This product is fantastic. It literally leaves my diapers. Smelling like absolutely nothing. I have even tried this on my husband‘s work uniforms. He’s a diesel mechanic and it’s really difficult to get the smell out of them and it literally left his uniforms smelling like absolutely nothing. I am so impressed with this product.

Amanda Trhlin
This is the best detergent I’ve ever used!

This detergent literally leaves our diapers smelling like absolutely nothing. There is a lot of washing power in such a tiny amount. We typically use tide original but now this will be the only thing we use to wash our diapers in!


Best detergent for diapers I've tried yet.